Extending from small to large scale shipments

Tailor-Made for your business

For everything from simple FCL shipments to splitting LCL shipments to multiple destinations. We offer tailor-made shipping to fit your business.

Across the world

We work with clients transporting goods through many of the major ocean thoroughfares around the world. Our team will work to understand your primary trade routes, and present transit options that fit your business.

NVOCC Shippers

Gloshipping is a Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier Shipper, hence small shipments – which less-than-container load (LCL) shipments, can take advantage of the lower costs without any hassle.

From LCL to Large Scale Shipping

In a un-reliable shipping market, ensuring you’ll be able to secure space during peak times is essential to achieving your company’s goals. Hence, we at Gloshipping, offer reliable capacity shipping to all our clients at an optimal cost.

Consistency in delivery and price

As a company, you might need to transport all kinds of goods and all kinds of load. To ensure better logistics to business such as yours, we offer both NVOCC and traditional shipping services, to meet both ends of the spectrum.

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