Making transit and storage as comfortable as possible

Major cities across India

To keep your cargo safe while moving to international and domestic ports, we have designed and developed warehouses in major cities across India. We extend our support to Chennai, Coimbatore, Cochin, Tuticorin, Mumbai , Kolkata & Delhi

Safety at it’s core

Our warehouses are designed to maximise safety of cargos, especially from damage while transit. To further enhance the safety of the goods, we have security measures such as guards and camera’s installed all over the place!

Keep your Cargos safe with us, without burning holes in your pocket.


Corporate Office :

Mr. Sabareesh
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Corporate Finance:

Mr. Prince Joseph
+91 9361221555
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International Office :

Mr. Vinod Shetty - General Manager
+968 99700613
+971 503861613
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Support Email :
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